July 30, 2011

My FIRST attempt USING Stain GLASS on MY Stepping STONES~

Here I am attempting to make a mosaic stepping stone out of stain glass that I hand cut.  I still need to transfer the glass to glue on a red stepping stone, then grout it and then put sealer on it.  It took me 3 hours to just design and arrange the tile.  It was 100' in the garage and thank God I had my little fan blowing right in my face.  Jumped in the pool every 15 minutes.

I now know why folks charge so much for a mosaic stain glass stepping stone.  It's a lot of freakin' work more so than the ceramic stones I make.  Okay enough chit chat, time to get back out in the garage and finish.  Wishing everyone a great day!

wOOf wOOf

July 27, 2011

Using Stain Glass on my Mosaic Stepping Stone~

Hi all,  I decided to jump into the unknown and use these pieces of glass and make a creative design on a stone to see if I like that kind of medium.  I also have 12 x 12 colored glass sheets I need to cut up to use as well.  Gonna jump in and see what happens.  Wish me luck!

July 25, 2011

BOMBSHELL TONIGHT! Three Mary Engelbreit Mosaic stones done!

Just so ya'all know, making Mosaic stepping stones comes with a price.  For example:  please take caution when movin' the pavers around, knee injuries can happen especially when you are doing the balancing act while grouting!  Yes, I now have an ice pack on my right knee....damn is the nicest word I could find.  The other tidbit of advice is PLEASE DON'T USE A MAGIC ERASER on your skin to scrub paint, grout, or anything else that matters.  I got the paint & grout off alright, but donated some skin too!  I am normally not that stupid, but who would have thought they actually work on skin too???

July 24, 2011

ABOUT US~ wOOf...wOOf...

Just as the skies in January were turning dark blue with heavy cold rain that seemed to never end, I decided I needed a lot of color in my life so I took an Art class on Stain Glass…or so I thought!  As I walked into the art studio full of people playing with styrofoam and cement I thought I had the wrong building.  As it turned out I enrolled in a class on how to make cement outdoor sculptures.  I couldn’t have backed out and show my embarrassment so I too, found myself playing with Fiba tape and cement wondering what in the hell did I get myself into!
As my cement piece of art was taking shape and lookin’ pretty darn good I then realized the class was over and what was I going to do with this 4 feet high 3 feet wide heavy “thing”?  I created my masterpiece in the shape of my furry little boy “Eddie” who would become later known as “Wily Coyote”.  I brought him home and pondered what to cover him with and that’s when the SUN came out from the clouds and shined on my mom’s 1939 Vernon ware dishes.  I broke them up in all shapes and sizes, used her beach glass and agates she had collected over 70 years and in her loving memory, I painstakingly dove into my “Eddie” and at last, 240 hours later I had created a beautiful magical brilliant vibrant colorful funny personality piece of my version of Mosaic art.
Then all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with the thought of what to do with my endless containers of thousands of pieces of  colored tiles, china, glass, agates, rocks, gems, sparkly things, just to name a few.  My neighbor’s and dearest friends suggested I make stepping stones with my left over tiles and hence; Fluffy Puppies Mosaic Stepping stones were born.
“Eddie” has been requested numerous times to be shown at several local Art Galleries, City Hall, Turtle Bay just to name a few, but I am so attached to my little piece of Heaven, I couldn’t imagine “Eddie” ever leaving his own private garden area in my yard.  I would have no fingernails left wondering if someone would steal him or damage him if he left my sight so the answer has always been and will forever be; “No I’m sorry Eddie is not up for adoption.”
I have given many stepping stones away, donated a few to charities until recently it become known to me that people actually want to buy my Mosaic stepping stones.  I find that while it takes 1 week to turn one stone around for completion it also has uplifted my spirits and helps me fight my depression.  I think God had a huge part in all of this so I am now finding myself driving around to every garage sale I can, buy old vintage china, dishes and tile and bury myself in the garage at all hours of the day and night to create what I call “A little piece of Heaven”.
You can go to “Our Stones” page and see what we have done thus far with our Mosaic stepping stones.
I hope you enjoy my little pieces of art as I enjoy making them so very much!  :-)
Here are a few photos of “Eddie” below.

My Mary Engelbreit Mosaic Stones~

I thought I would share with you my newest jewels using Mary Engelbreit broke up pieces of tea cups and plates.  Working in the garage as it’s 105′ and God only knows what the real humidity is!  I think I need a Corona and lime.

July 22, 2011

On the 8th day, God created Fluffy Puppies Mosaic's Stepping Stones~

GENESIS Chapter 2 verse 3
"And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it:  because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made."
What I couldn't find in the Holy Bible was and I write with my own words, "And God blessed the eight day, and sanctified it:  because it was the day of Mosaic Madness; Brilliant Colors, Welbond glue everywhere, misplaced tiles, sticky hands, dried grout where it shouldn't be, sore shoulders, numb fingers, aching back, where's my coffee, I need a drink, what the hell did I get myself into, where's my nippers, I need latex gloves, lots of inappropriate words whispered, need the broom, need a wet towel, it's hot in here, and finally....where are my solids when I need them...eBay here I come!"
Yes believe it or not, there is an 8th day and only a select few know all about it.  It's the day we look forward to, our time for Zen, our time for Happiness on our semi cloudy day, a time for Sun to shine upon us and take us into our only little world we call:  "MOSAIC MADNESS'!
Going into my happy little place on Earth and do some gluin'  Enjoy!