July 24, 2011

ABOUT US~ wOOf...wOOf...

Just as the skies in January were turning dark blue with heavy cold rain that seemed to never end, I decided I needed a lot of color in my life so I took an Art class on Stain Glass…or so I thought!  As I walked into the art studio full of people playing with styrofoam and cement I thought I had the wrong building.  As it turned out I enrolled in a class on how to make cement outdoor sculptures.  I couldn’t have backed out and show my embarrassment so I too, found myself playing with Fiba tape and cement wondering what in the hell did I get myself into!
As my cement piece of art was taking shape and lookin’ pretty darn good I then realized the class was over and what was I going to do with this 4 feet high 3 feet wide heavy “thing”?  I created my masterpiece in the shape of my furry little boy “Eddie” who would become later known as “Wily Coyote”.  I brought him home and pondered what to cover him with and that’s when the SUN came out from the clouds and shined on my mom’s 1939 Vernon ware dishes.  I broke them up in all shapes and sizes, used her beach glass and agates she had collected over 70 years and in her loving memory, I painstakingly dove into my “Eddie” and at last, 240 hours later I had created a beautiful magical brilliant vibrant colorful funny personality piece of my version of Mosaic art.
Then all of a sudden I was overwhelmed with the thought of what to do with my endless containers of thousands of pieces of  colored tiles, china, glass, agates, rocks, gems, sparkly things, just to name a few.  My neighbor’s and dearest friends suggested I make stepping stones with my left over tiles and hence; Fluffy Puppies Mosaic Stepping stones were born.
“Eddie” has been requested numerous times to be shown at several local Art Galleries, City Hall, Turtle Bay just to name a few, but I am so attached to my little piece of Heaven, I couldn’t imagine “Eddie” ever leaving his own private garden area in my yard.  I would have no fingernails left wondering if someone would steal him or damage him if he left my sight so the answer has always been and will forever be; “No I’m sorry Eddie is not up for adoption.”
I have given many stepping stones away, donated a few to charities until recently it become known to me that people actually want to buy my Mosaic stepping stones.  I find that while it takes 1 week to turn one stone around for completion it also has uplifted my spirits and helps me fight my depression.  I think God had a huge part in all of this so I am now finding myself driving around to every garage sale I can, buy old vintage china, dishes and tile and bury myself in the garage at all hours of the day and night to create what I call “A little piece of Heaven”.
You can go to “Our Stones” page and see what we have done thus far with our Mosaic stepping stones.
I hope you enjoy my little pieces of art as I enjoy making them so very much!  :-)
Here are a few photos of “Eddie” below.