August 25, 2011

Ah, The Smell of Fresh Grout...

I'm not sure about any of you, but grouting a stepping stone has got to be the biggest pain in the ass part for me when making a mosaic stepping stone.  However, the fresh smell of grout infiltrates the space around me and I love the smell.  Call me crazy (been there and still am), but it somehow takes me back the my kindergarten days when I would eat the paste we used in arts and crafts.  It's amazing how smells can take us back in time to wonderful memories.  I raise my bottle of Welbond glue and toast to "Smells".  I know, I am an oddball and I love myself for it and wouldn't change a thing.

Here is the newest addition custom created for a very nice kindred soul and her dog whom I have met on the River trail.  Our dogs are madly in love with eachother.  I used some of her old china she had from her grandmother along with other sentimental items she had.