August 17, 2011

My Dog Owns Me and I Can't Cut the Umbilical cord!~

Okay so it's way too obvious that I love dogs!  Their cute lil tails waggin' against the wall making a sound like a construction zone, if there were termites in the walls they would have been shaken off...running to hide from the sounds of rumble.  When you come home from a hot and hectic day, their they sit waiting for you by the washing machine...a sign to intruders, "Warning, my human's aren't home, I will harm you!"  Your eating dinner and there they sit so regal like with sad eyes saying, "I am begging, feed me a table scrap please oh please!"  Your are on your computer, it's quiet and your in deep concentration...and then you hear the puff...your dog looks at it's butt and then at you...wondering where did that sound and smell come from...he leaves the room looking at you while thinking, "I didn't do that!"
We go to great lengths to pamper our owners, a fluffy designer bed in every room (I bought all my beds through RustiesGrannys Beds), always a fresh bowl of water in every nook and cranny of the house as well as outside and on those hot days...they get ICE in their water bowls.  Who doesn't have endless varieties of doggy treats in the kitchen?  Every flavor imagined and you all would be lying if you said you haven't tried the beefy bacon one.  Yes, I thought it smelled wonderful so I took a nibble.   Okay, well it smelt good, but that was the end of that.  Cardboard is not my texture to the tongue palette!  If they like it, then that's all that matters.
I don't have human babies nor will I ever as age is now a factor for me, but I have a fluffy cutie patootie that has me wrapped around his paws.  I don't know what I would do without him, he is my companion, my best friend, my pal, and my advisor on all things cute and fluffy!.  He never complains about my weight, my bad habits, he gives me tons of affection without asking and he shows appreciation for all that I do.  "Eddie" is his name, or one of them at least...aka "Pumpkin Butt", "Doodle Bug", "Doodles" just to name a few.  Health wise, he lowers my blood pressure, he inspires me to make dog art, he lessens my depression because I know he is around.  For an old single gal like me alone in this world, it matters!
So I dedicate this post to all animals of all fluffy types, without you in our just wouldn't be life at all!  Oh one last thing, can you all buy my stepping stones so I can buy myself a new bed, he likes mine better and his bed is hard on my back.  Thanks so much!