September 13, 2011

Pricked my Paw and it hurts so bad~

Ouch...wOOf...wOOf...Grrrr...I was pawing with some of my human's stained glass this morning and decided, being the obedient faithful fluffy pup that I am, would help her grout some stained glass mosaic stepping stones.  All I can say is I should keep my paw's out of things while sniffing around.  My ouch is similar to what you human's would call a "paper cut".  Oh I wined like a baby only cuz it scared me when  human owner growled at me for getting in her way.  I learned my lesson as I will just lay on my comfy fluffy lounge bed and watch her with her stained glass addiction.  Here are a few stones she finished today.  wOOf...wOOf...Eddie~
Human's rendition of "Wilson the Soccer Ball" from the movie Castaway

Sunrise or Sunset and Sun or Two Yellow Birds..You Decide