September 24, 2011


Okay so my human was having a yard sale today.  I was laying in my nice green cool lawn at my Guard Station and low and behold, this cute little version of my human walked up to me.  Her name was "Daisy" and she proceeded to tell my human that these boots were the newest fashion and cost well over $100.00 (not sure how many biscuits that would be for me) and she didn't have that kind of money so one day she went to a boutique in Chico, CA and saw a pair (she is wearing them here) for only $19.00.  Curious as to the cheap price she asked the sales clerk why such a low amount.  The clerk said, because one boot is a size 8 and the other boot is a size 9.  Needless to say, Daisy bought them and if she hadn't of told my human, and if I wasn't eaves dropping we would have never guessed the sizes were different.

I instantly fell in love with her tennis shoes that were made into boots.  Now if you people can do that for humans, it's only fair to make some for our little paws....please?  My human would love a pair size 8 1/2 but has no idea where to buy these boots or what they are called.  She searched the internet and found nothing.  I would like them too in Black and Pink if that's alright with you.  wOOf...wOOf...~Eddie