October 31, 2011


4:10AM WILDLIFE REPORT: Ok so my human was takin' out the trash this morning with her coffee in hand. I know this cuz I was watchin' out the window with my lil nozzle on the window seal (I was pissed she wouldn't let me outside yet) and as she was standing next to the garage (there is a big green leafy thing there) she was leisurely sippin' what you peeps call coffee and something moved 2 feet from her feet. Next thing I see, she is hauling ass back into the garage. There were three raccoons in that green leafy thing and she scared them, they scared her and two of them dove into the storm drain. The third one is now walking towards me but outside. Happy Howl-O-Ween has started! wOOf...wOOf...~Eddie
Raccoons in storm drain