May 12, 2012

New Carnival Glass Art Project Unfinished ~

I have to keep going as I am on a roll with this beautiful glass.  This one I am working on now is an Asian print of two women on horses.  The next project after that is the large print of flowers in a vase.

May 07, 2012

Carnival Glass Project ~FINALLY FINISHED~

Wow!!!!  How many weeks did it take me to complete this mundane project?  Several bandaids later, I finally finished this beautiful piece of carnival glass art.  I was given the flower print in it's original frame without glass covering it.  It was an array of beautiful pink and red peonies, green leaves, amber chrysanthemum with light and dark blue Blue Bell Bonet flowers.  I was lucky enough to have all the colors in carnival glass.  I painstakingly hand cut each piece and finally called it done last night after pricking my left thumb for the millionth time.

I must admit I went out into my art studio this morning, coffee in hand staring at my blank workspace and then it hit me, I was totally bummed, what am I going to do next?  I walked around the house and found just what I was looking for...a new project for carnival glass, however this one is three times as large and the flowers are very tiny so I anticipate a lot of bandaids will need to be bought.

I took photos in all different angles and lighting, but to truly appreciate it's beauty, one must see it in person standing about ten feet away.

Hugs and Love,
Fluffy Puppies...wOOf...wOOf...
Finished Carnival Glass Flower Art using Flash on Camera

Finished Carnival Glass Flower Art using NO Flash on Camera

Finished Carnival Glass Flower Art using Flash on Camera at Different Angle

Finished Carnival Glass Flower Art using Flash on Camera showing Reds and Amber colors

May 01, 2012

Carnival Glass Flower Art Project Update~

Carnival Glass Flower Art Project in Progress
So it's getting there slowly but surely.  Haven't had much time work on it as the Spring weather is absolutely wonderful so I am having fun planting flowers, pulling weeds (none left now) and spring cleaning.  I think I am all caught up so now I have time to finish this art piece.  It is so beautiful in the sun as you can see the carnival glass in all it's glory.  Now I need to cut tiny tiny pieces to fit in the blue and red flowers and then finish it off adding small Marigold colors for the rest of the back ground.  May touch up some of the green leaves. Wishing everyone a fabulous happy and healthy day.  Hugs, Fluffy Pups!  wOOf...wOOf...