January 17, 2013


National Federation of Federal Employees, Local 2152 vs. US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management - FLSA Settlement Disbursements Scheduled to Begin 12/17/12

JANUARY 17TH, 2013

The disbursement of settlement funds for NFFE 2152 vs. BLM - FLSA is scheduled to begin on MONDAY, December 17, 2012.

On Monday, (Dec 17th, 2012) some of you will receive an email from "info@caig.co" with instructions on how to submit all documentation needed to release your payment. Members of the class can expect to receive payment within 5-7 days of successful submission of documentation.  You can also call 1-855-342-2244 (Toll Free) to give personal information.

In the event that you do not receive an email, and for those whom we could not find an email for, please send CAIG an email at: "info@caig.co" with the below information listed. You will be putting your data in to a secure website, but because you are providing so much personal information you should do this from a personal computer or your personal smart phone vs. a BLM computer/device.

Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Phone Number (Evenings):
Phone Number (Day Time):
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:

If you know of a bargaining unit employee that was employed at DEPARTMENT OF INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT CALIFORNIA between June 2003 and March 2011 that has moved on to another agency or has retired, please let them know about this settlement. That includes next of kin for those employees who have passed on as well.

We will also be sending notifcations to previous known addresses in January via snail mail, if we haven't heard from you before then.

In Solidarity,

Elaine Downing
NFFE 2152 President 

Tracy Hallstrom 
Retired Federal Employee/Federal Whistleblower

Here is a list of names/titles/grades that were misclassified as exempt and we agreed upon that would be reverted back to non-exempt status. There were four settlements total in the process. The agency has breached the last settlement agreement. Note: (This is not a list of the above stated settlement disbursement, although everyone on this list is in the settlement. If you want to know if you are receiving a check, you need to contact CAIG! at info@caig.co

Remember - you should fill out the Overtime Request form (1400-64) or make a request for overtime in Quicktime for any work ordered by your Supervisor on a non-duty day, outside of your normal working hours (if on a fixed schedule), or for any hours required over 8 hours if on a maxiflex schedule! 

If YOU want to take comp time in lieu of overtime YOU have to put your initials in that column. They cannot force you to take comp time or tell you to "flex" and leave early another day.

 If they deny your overtime request please notify the Union President immediately about the situation.