September 11, 2014

Bears & Coyotes in the Mary Lake Subdivision ~Photos

Due to the severe drought here in Northern California, there have been numerous sightings of Bears, Deer & Coyotes coming down from the mountains and hills and into the Mary Lake Park Subdivision West of Redding in the early mornings, late afternoons and especially at night.

Numerous Cats and small Dogs have been killed, garbage cans rummaged through and just recently around 1pm, on September 10th 2014, a small dog on a leash was attacked by a pack of Coyotes on the Mary Lake Trail by the Beaver Dam in broad daylight.

Lack of water and food are bringing an unprecedented amount of wildlife into the streets, backyards and front yards, especially thoseof you who live near the lake, greenbelt and the Power Lines.

Please keep your pets inside at night, don’t leave pet food outside, put your garbage cans out in the morning of your scheduled pick up day, do not feed the wildlife, keep an eye out at all times. If you see these animals near your home you can scare them away by banging pots and pans. In these desperate times these animals will do anything to get food and water.

The Deer are found eating the grassy wet lawns from watering.  You don't have to worry about the deer, the bears will run away if you make noise, but the Coyotes seem to be the biggest killer of cats and dogs.

US Fish & Game (Redding office 225-2300) has a lot of information about wildlife in the city limits and how to detour them and respectfully live in "their neighborhood.  After all, they were here way before humans were.

If you have any photos or information you would like to share please email us here.

We will continue to post photos of spotting and keep you informed.  What it boils down to is:  WE NEED RAIN!!!!!!

wOOf...wOOf...the Fluffy Puppies

Walking up SW on Corita Place to the WAPA power lines
Corner of Kenmare Ct. and Tralee Lane - Photo by Lynn C. 
Walking on NE on Tralee, came from the hills behind Kenmare Ct. - Photo by Lynn C.