May 15, 2015

A Dog's Life at the Oxford Suites Part Four The Guests ~PHOTOS

So human and I spent the evening chillin' on the patio and as I scannin' for cute chicks I met so many wonderful peeps.  We spent 5 hours hangin out, barkin' and just enjoying all the attention.  I am in Heaven here!  Human went swimming while Kathy and her daughters, granddaughter and grandson baby sat me.  We had sooo much fun!  Sad to see that they checked out this morning.
I just love these peeps.  Kathy is just fabulous!
Nothing like a lil butt it!
Yep, I am a chic magnet!
My new pal Herdis from Norway, my human is from Sweden and they are neighbors.
I think I am in love with Herdis...wOOF 
I love giving her kisses.  There are so many wonderful guests here!
My forever pal Herdis. 
I am in love with Moose another Fluffy here.  She is my eye candy of all Fluffy Puppies 
Oh wOOf...Moose is checkin me out!  She is one hot Fluffy!
Moose and her human mum!
That's how I feel with my human mum!
Bring on the Love Moose!