May 14, 2015

A Dog's Life at Oxford Suites Part One The Sniffing Grounds ~ PHOTOS

Been barkin' here since May 2nd and it has been an adventure I will never forget! Human mum and I are waiting for our new house to be finished so we can move in all my dog beds, toys etc., so in the meantime we have set up "my Guard Station" here at the Oxford Suites in Redding.  Human received numerous quotes for "Extended Stay", but it was the personality of Christina that human decided this was where we were going to set up my dog house.  They take dogs and they are so friendly.  Human mum said that when she can walk barefoot in a hotel room then it is squeaky clean...can't seem to get her to wear shoes now.

Sherri at the Front desk is another reason why we knew this was the right dog house for us.  We got to hang out by the pool and lounge underneath the beautiful patio while waiting for our room.  I of course have been a huge hit with the guests and staff.  Unless you stay here and experience this pawsome hotel, it's hard describe how wonderful the staff is to me and my human mum.  The guests are pawsome as well.  It's like one big happy family.  Never felt so loved than being here around these fabulous peeps.

Shall continue my adventure on my next post which are photos of me with some of the best pals I have made while barkin' here.  There are many others that we haven't taken photos with...but before we check out, we'll take more snapshots.

Wet Slobbery Kisses from Eddie...wOOf...wOOf...

Forgot to add the gift shop! 
Yummy treats here for us Fluffy Puppies..just smile and they give you a doggy biscuit!
Human wants swam here with other humans while us Fluffy Puppies had to watch through the fence!
Tweet to Corporate:  Us Fluffy Puppies need our own doggy pool please!
The sunsets will never be the same without Larry!  Miss you already pal!
My dog house for a month...wOOf...wOOf... 
Oxford Suites pawed a 5 Star from this Fluffy Puppy Eddie
A little bit of the Caribbean here...beautiful! 
They cater to all of us Fluffy Puppies with lawn too! 
I meet a lot of babes here sniffin the lawn.  They even have "poop bags" in little containers.  That's a plus for all you humans!
Great view, Great place, Pawed 5 Star
Human is crazy with the camera!  wOOf!
My Dog House with tons of amenities for us Fluffy Puppies and of course "our humans" 
Separate living room with a couch "my favorite hang out"