May 14, 2015

A Dog's Life at Oxford Suites Part Three The PM Shift ~PHOTOS


As the night shift clocks in, my human and I peek out from nowhere to take snapshots of many more wonderful peeps who take care of us here at the Oxford Suites in Redding.  Now where in the HECK is Christina!!!!!!  I smell her Victoria Secret perfume so I know she is here somewhere.  wOOf...wOOf...Eddie

I just wuff Laura.  She is the baby of the staff here and she graduates from High School in a few weeks.  She is pawsome! 
I could give you wet ones all day Laura! 
My pal Dick who works for First Class Shuttle from RDD to SAC everyday.  We will use this service when we go to Sweden and the Panama Canal.
Breanna makes good doggy beverages.  Don't forget to tip her!
Hey Corporate, give her a major raise, it was her fabulous personality that got us to stay here!  Lots of wet ones Christina! wOOf...wOOf...Eddie.
Christina is the reason we are settin' up my dog house here for 6 weeks.  I just love her to bits!
We are family...I adopted these two pals.  The make human laugh and smile all the time.
My two peeps Michelle and Mitch...they keep my fluffy appearance and they spoil me all the time.  I love these two goof balls!  Wet slobbery kisses to you both! 
Another great pal Nick.  You can see the love in this photo!
Let Nick take a break okay...we have been working hard tonight!
Hurry up and get in, your gonna miss your flight! (With my pal Bill) 
Come on Bill...all dogs like our butts scratched!  Thanks pal!
Michael is the man!  Love this guy!