May 14, 2015

A Dog's Life at Oxford Suites Part Two The Staff ~PHOTOS

First you arrive at this pawsome destination not knowing a single soul and then you find that you have made so many wonderful kindred spirits who will become forever your friends.  If it wasn't for the friendly, kind, caring staff...we wouldn't be staying here. The Redding Oxford Suites employs the best staff a dog could ever dream of!  They take such great care of me and my human mum.  No words will ever describe the feeling of great happiness and comfort that makes our heart smile everyday, not to mention my tail waggin' non stop.  It's all because of the peeps who work here.  The other guest are great too, but the staff here is 5 plus stars!

More photos and posts as the days move forward.
Waggin' tails here from our dog house to yours!
Eddie the Fluffy Puppy

Christina and Tamara my two wooer's!  Love them!
I just love Sayana, I give her lots of wet slobbery kisses as she takes very great care of my dog bed!
I just love Sayana.  She vacuums my dog bed and I love her so much!
Thank you for my special bag of know who you are!
Me and my pal Laura
Just gettin' ready to turn around and give Laura a wet slobbery kiss!
On occasion I get nosey and follow Dakota around seeing what he is up to.
I am not allowed in the pool area so I just sit here and watch for cute fluffy chicks.
Just saw the cutest Fluffy Puppies Duncan and Abby.  Earlier there were five of us running around together.   We had so much fun.
Sherri is another pal of mine, she was answering my questions about dog parks in the area that I can sniff around.  She is a sweetheart!
Speaking of sweetheart, here is me, Sherry and Angel, another pal of mine.  Yes we will be attending Angels graduation party.  I have lots of wet ones for her.
Would you  like me to carry your bags for you Sir?
Another great pal Amanda who works at the Front Desk 
Human capturing the love in this photo
Snapshot of love with me and Amanda
I love the attention!
Amanda is so photogenic!
I think she likes me!