May 10, 2015

Thelma & Louise Poem~ Photos

Like Thelma, Like Louise

I fear whats a head.
That long, never ending highway,
coursed with sharp corners.
Which most likely I am likely to swerve off of.
During those high speed independent moments of my life.
Where I simply think I'm like super man, and I dont let kryptonite affect me.
I'll push harder the gas and test the boundaries of a stupid speed limit.
Proving only to myself, a false bravery, topped with an illusion of victory.
And for what reason I'd still be unsure of.
Most likey for the thrill of not having a limit, or a series of never ending setbacks.
As it speeds up and I slide.
Like I saw Thelma and Louise do.
And that alone was heaven, even if I did for once fear.
© Amina Chinnell-Mateen
Dedicated to my best friend Lynn aka Louise