June 02, 2015

A Dog's Life at Oxford Suites Part Five ~ More Staff and Furry Guests

Well it is now Day 32 here in my dog house at the Redding Oxford Suites and even though my human can't wait to get into our new dog house on June 13th...we both have bitter sweet emotions about the move.  We both have met every wonderful staff member here, hundreds of guests from all over the world as well as lots of fluffy puppies like me.

It has been the best social experience we have ever had.  Okay so we both gained some extra relaxed dormant muscles, but that will quickly come off when we make our new move.

Shout outs and barks to "Pam, Buster, Mandy, Ryan, Calie, Larry, Louis, Sheila, Michael, Mark, Joe, Joanne, Rylan, Amelia, Alicia, Kristina, Amber, Debbie Rose, Road Runner, John, Dakota, Laura, Tamara, Sayana, Mauy, May, Linda, Mary, Tetro, Jesse, Michael, Jeff, DJ, Taylor, Maureen, Jonathan, Bailey, Sambo, Kassie, Christina, Cheri, Jason, Debbie, Amber, Brian, Don, Brent, "all the Federal employees from US Forest Service", "Union Pacific", "Department of Justice peeps", Calfire (they can drink any of you under the table)...and so many more fabulous fun peeps!

Would love to bite the ass of the human that complained about me getting my paws wet on the first step of the "doggy pool".  I sniffed in your room this morning after you checked out happy to bark that you won't keep me awake at all hours of the days and nights to come.  Tonight I hope to have dreams of dog bones and the peaceful sound of a quiet night.

So many wonderful memories and so blessed to have been treated with the utmost of doggy spoilment, butt rubs, belly scratches and playing with my new girlfriend Calie.  She is one hot fluffy chick even though you cheated on me with Dakota that handsome male Shiba.  It was so much fun barking and howling in the evenings in front of the hotel and sniffin' your butts.

More to come...sending wet slobbery kisses to all my peeps!

wOOf...wOOf...Eddie the Fluffy Puppy
Here is cute lil Dakota a purebred Shiba.  We barked together every night along with Calie and had a howlin' of a good time!
Love Miss Debbie! 
Human's peeps, Debbie and Amber.  We all have had a barkin' great time together!
Momma, can you just let me nap for a while please?
My pal Louis, sitting in MY CHAIR!   
Me and my love, Kassie
Kassie and my human make miracles happen! 
I love this girl so much! 
What a cute couple we make?
No I am not spoiled!
Tamara, Brianna and Laura spoil me with doggy flavored drinks
Louis did you not know you were a special guest? 
Love this beautiful kindred spirit
Such wonderful humans
Yep, that's my water glass...leave it alone Louis!
Rylan and Amelia, two cute Italian greyhounds 
Rylan and Amelia....so adorable! 
We all played in the hallway...wOOf...
My Bestie "Caliee" and her humans Ryan and Mandy
Such funny and fabulous humans!  wOOf...wOOf... 
Me watching my Bestie, "Caliee"
Having a howlin' of a time with these wonderful peeps and of course, Caliee
Me and my peep Sayana!  i just wuff her!
Hangin' with my pal Buster and his human Pam
The one and only "Buster Posey" with human
Cutest Fluffy pup I ever played with!  I miss you Buster!
Buster obeys his human's command, unlike me!
I wanted that ball so bad!
Buster....plays ball!  No wonder he was named after Buster Posey!
and it's O-U-T- OF- H-E-R-E-!  HOME RUN FOR BUSTER!