July 01, 2015

It's great to have a Permanent Dog House Finally! ~Photos

It's been a long time coming waiting for my new dog house!  It was worth the wait!  After relocating several times and staying at the Oxford Suites for almost two months...human and I finally have a permanent place to call our own!  Since human is so outgoing she has met several other humans in our dog friendly private gated community which means I have met so many wonderful butts to sniff, like Bella and cute lil pup mix who likes to antagonize me, Dodger who is the cutest lil hound dog, Keeria and Dakota of the Alaskan Husky breed and so many others.

I love to pee on every tree and believe me, there are plenty here in our lil community.  I am happy to announce that this is the best dog community a fluffy puppy could ever ask for!

I await the huge 4th of July celebration party that my human is putting on along with all our fabulous neighbors!  Okay peeps, get your game face on and give the sad eye look so we can get that BBQ chicken that awaits us.

Human loves to take me in the watery hole which she calls "a pool" and then when I get home I get to go outside on the fenced patio and bark at tree and ground squirrels!  I have never had it so better than here...my once fenced home with a pool is a fading memory as I so enjoy my new diggs better.  I am so over the moon happy with my human momma and our new diggs.

Stay calm in the weekend ahead of the Fire works and I am sending wet slobbery kisses to my Besties!

wOOf...wOOf...Eddie the Fluffy Puppy

Shout outs to Caliee, Mandy, Ryan, Dorrie, Bella, Lynn and others!