August 29, 2015

Mysterious wOOf Sound in my Dog House ~ Photos

For the past week I wake my human up barkin' in the middle of the night to sounds of growlin' and body slamming against her bedroom window.  Human was getting irritated with me so she and I did a stake out two nights ago.  I sat on my patio chair with my nose in the air for a few hours while she listened for "the mysterious noise".

After awhile we heard "the noise".  Human momma click her camera hundreds of times in every direction.  It was pitch black outside so she had no choice.  After a few minutes "the noise" went away and human downloaded the photos on her iMac.  There were four cute but obnoxious raccoons playin' around my dog house patio.

Now I don't bark when I hear them because I know what's causin' the all the commotion.  Human said I was a good boy that I didn't bark at the cute lil bandits.

P.S.  Never knew raccoons could climb trees.