September 14, 2015

Spanky and Bandit are back in the Dog House ~Photos

Around 3am this morning I heard once again some noise outside my dog house so I woke human up with lots of barks and this is what she captured on the camera. wOOf..wOOf..FluffyPuppy Eddie

"Come over here Spanky, lot's of berries"
"Oh Hi there, let me smile for your camera"

September 05, 2015

Wildlife Convention Last Night in my Dog House ~Photos

Human and I were watching a great movie last night when all of I sudden I bolted to the patio door and started barking!  So much noise outside that Human grabbed her camera and started clicking away.  After downloading photos here is what we found causing the disruption of our "dog movie" we were watching!

How cool is this?!
wOOf...wOOf...Eddie the Fluffy Puppy

September 01, 2015

Please Help Us Find the Creator of the Mystery Carved Hearts ~Photos

Making this post Public so you all can share it! This Sycamore Tree was planted in 1991 on the South end of River Knolls on Hilltop Drive in Redding, CA. It's the last tree before the Hilltop Drive Sacramento River Trail starts. Trying to find the people who carved them on September 26th ???? and see if they are still together. It's so romantic. Please share. wOOf...wOOf...Eddie the Fluffy Puppy.
— looking for a miracle.

Please help us find the creators of the Hearts