November 02, 2015

My Life As A Competition Freestyle Roller Skater ~Photos~

 Being an identical twin was not easy growing up.  We both needed to find our own personalities.  At the age of 12 my twin sister was very much into horses and later became a Barrel Horse racer in the Rodeo circuit and the Redding Junior Posse.  She later was 1st Runner up for Rodeo Queen.  It was during those times that I knew I needed to find my own niche.  We got in a fight one day and I stormed over to Viking Skate Country which was next to the Rodeo grounds and Horse Stables.  It was there that I knew I belonged and haven't stopped going there since.  I had private lessons before school, after school and skated after dinner for many years.  My life was 24/7 skating and I couldn't think of anything else but that.

I missed out on dates, proms, dances etc., from 6th grade through high school and college.  My life was all about freestyle roller skating, only later I got into Ice Skating in San Diego and became a Professional Ice Skater.  I will forever remember my first Freestyle Coach Dorothy.  Ever time I fell she would say, "Get up with a smile and laugh".  I still use that phrase in my every day life.  I can't tell you how many times I hurt my knees and back, but disregarded it as I was young.  My last Sports Coach and Doctor told me, "Don't worry about it now, but when you get older you are going to need surgery!"  God did they get that right!

I have never regretted missing any of "life's events" because skating was my life and the friends that I made would be life long and only a skater of dedication knows what that means.  Ron King who was the manager will always be my hero and my second father.  He put up with so much of my rule breaking when it came to freestyle.  "Out of the Circle", "No jumps by the mirrors", "No free styling after the gates are closed."  Did I listen?  Hell NO!  I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for my coaches, partners, and many friends.  I will always be "Dorothy Hamil" which you named me and I am honored to have received that compliment.

Still going strong after all these years.
Myself and one of my Freestyle Dance Partners, I had many over the years.
Our Hand Made Costumes
Posing and I can even do the slips and a cartwheel while skating
I made that green costume and I still can wear it
Handmade Halloween costume, not sure what I was thinking
Great skaters and pals...I miss you both!
There wasn't any move I couldn't do.  I did flips that no one ever thought of
Eventually I was able to put the wheels to touch my head 
Not sure who I was looking at 
Last minute handmade Halloween costume
Yep, we are going to the 2002 SLC Winter Games.  It was fun!
Great photo using the mirrors as I was spinning 
What a ham!
I knew I was the best and it showed, but I was humble.
One of my older sisters made me every outfit from this  
Where is all started in 1975 to 2000
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