February 10, 2016

My Tumor Humor Journey~ The Rollercoaster Ride

No words needed on this one!  Dottie is no longer afraid and she is gonna kick some ass!
Cry all you want you bad cancer fruit! 
Banana size tumor at least is a dog! 
The Banana size tumor has turned into Dog Art! 
My fruit basket now have personalities!
Just had my nails done today!
Your going down bitches!
So now I am pulling a freakin' fruit tumor cart! 
My good cells are trying to kill the bad Cancer cells!  You go girl!
My Uterus is pissed because it's gonna go Bye Bye 
My new fruits and veggies now have personalities!

February 04, 2016

My Tumor Humor Journey Begins Part Two

It's a Boxing match right now!

Get it out of me now!!!
Love among my "Fruit Basket"
So what is the date today?  Every Friday I have an MRI with Contrast.  Today we found out the tumors are growing.    Let's just say I refer to my body as a "Fruit Basket"!  Since my last post on the 25th of January a lot has come to light.  Tumors are growing.  Good days and bad days, happy days and sad days.  I am pissed off, but more so to events of my past.  I reflect on the fabulous men in my past that have been the loves of my life, names will be withheld but you know who you are:  Blue Angel, UPS, Argentina, Federal Air Marshall and United Airlines.  Your private message to me Blue Angel will never be forgotten as I have and always will love you and FAMS, we had a great working relationship and I will love you forever!  I will never forget Phantom of the Opera, the Venetian and Please Remove your shoes.  

I have no worries about my Fluffy Puppy Eddie as he will have a great home with Caliee and Mitzy May as told in my Will (pinned to my Kitchen calendar).  The truth is that when you go through something like this so traumatic you realize who your real friends are.  Peeps that I haven't seen since high school and peeps that I haven't had lunch with in years all of a sudden call me, email me and want to help me in anyway they can.  I have always been a giver, never thinking of myself and so I apologize when you all offer me your life to help me and I hesitate.  I will never forget the past relationship who always reminded me that "You know where you can find sympathy, between shit and syphilis in the dictionary"!  Those words were hateful and that is the reason why I hesitate to ask anyone for help.  

The truth is I know who my real true friends and family are when going through this fruity tootie time.  I have never been so close to my older sister and older brother.  You two are the best!  My peeps, well I thank you for being there for me.  The final test will be after and during surgery. 

So I guess in a nutshell I am having a pretty hard depressed day.  The sun was out for awhile and Eddie and I hiked miles of trails thanks to BLM and Mcconnell Foundation.  Tomorrow is another day. 

To Be Continued...

My Tumor Humor Journey Begins Part One

It was back in September 2015, a warm sunny day and I was with two fabulous peeps who were also Wildlife Photographers.  As we walked along the beautiful trails in a gorgeous park, somehow I slipped and tumbled to an endless ravine that I thought would never end.  The next thing I know I am looking down at my body in what appears to be an operating room in a hospital.  I thought, "Oh shit was it really worth trying to get a photograph of that so called Coyote?"  I saw many people around me putting things in my nose, mouth, and every where else.  I heard someone say, "We are losing her!"  I guess I died that night and somehow God wanted me to live.  

It was about a month later I received an email from that hospital with several attachments of my medical care, X-rays etc.  It was the one PDF file that alarmed me, "Multiple tumors in Pelvic area and an abnormal Mass suspected in lower right Kidney."  That was the english version.  Another month went by and I wasn't feeling so good and thought I had better follow up on this so off I go to my doctor. After numerous CT scans with and without Contrast, numerous MRI's with and without Contrast the conclusion was:  "You have one tumor the size of a Grapefruit and two others the size of Apricots.  Oh and an abnormal nodule here and over there."  The Human Body Atlas was right in front of me.  I will spare you with the details, but I was scared shitless and couldn't comprehended any other word the doctor said.  My outlook wasn't good they said so after a few days of crying and thoughts of death I decided to turn things around.  Hence we call it "Tumor Humor" and now my journey begins.

Be Happy or you will drive yourself fruity!

Humor Humor Humor