March 21, 2016

Photography of Bethel Campus ~Photos

Original Color of Bethel's Logo on there main building
Bethel Church Logo
View of Mt Lassen from the Bethel Parking Lot
Pool of Bethlehem at the Prayer House
If you look real close you can see a few colored spiritual Orbs.  They are not water drops either, can you find them?  This is the Pool of Bethlehem at the Prayer House
Healing waters flowing
Water flowing from the Upper fountain at Bethel Prayer House
Bethel's Prayer House
So cute!
My older sister didn't realize I captured her talking to God in the Prayer House
Water cascading down a stone fountain in the Prayer House
Stone water fountain in the middle of the Prayer House
Round stone on top of the Prayer house water fountain, so Beautiful!
Rock in front of Bethel Prayer House
This rock represents to me many paths in time
Bethel Driveway has flags flown from every Country.  This one touched my soul!
Many faces of Angels