March 22, 2016

Pawz On A Road to New Beginnings ~Photos

Since my life changing surgery I have decided to Pawz On A Road to New Beginnings.  You can choose Pawz or Pause or both.  I have chosen both.  New outlook on life, no more dwelling in the past, not going to let anyone's negativity affect me as I "deleted" them from my life.  My vocabulary includes everyday limited to since there are so many; GOD, peace, love, blessings, prayer, on fire, happy, healthy, smiles, laughter, and so much more.  I have a lot to be thankful for and so I begin a new life a new birth as I have a purpose on this Earth so watch out I come.
Love and Hugs to all my fans, family, friends and new friends!
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Road to new beginnings
Best Friends Forever
I have had this vision three times in my life only to find out Justine Lin painted it and I am trying to reach out to her to buy a print