March 05, 2016

Last Tumor Humor Post Before my Surgery ~Photos

36 hours and counting
This will be my last post of my Fruity Tootie tumor humor before my surgery March 8th, at Mercy Hospital in Redding.  Pre-Op brought more CT scans and blood draws in case I need a blood transfusion.  I gave my primary surgeon the authorization to have a Pulmonary surgeon go in and remove the mysterious nodule in my lower right lung while I am under that happy juice per his request.  Let's just do everything at once while under the knife and not have to worry about anything in the future!

Had a great party last weekend with my Hyster-Sisters with a great cake, shirts, oversized underwear for the "Swelly Belly", Kotex pads, cold packs, heating pads, Hystersister pillow, laxatives, gag gifts and so many more fun gifts I never thought I would need.  Lots of Senna, wine, food, flowers and lots of love.  I got a two hour massage the other day with a hair cut, color, pedicure and manicure.  Hystersister pillow with cold and heat packs, future massages, gift certificate at Macy's for new clothes after my weight loss and some really cute pajama's, sweatpants, tops and so much more!  I didn't realize how many friends I have that have gone through this.  I am so overwhelmed by my friends and neighbors who care about me and Eddie.  I see a war going to happen on who wants to take care of Eddie while I am recovering.  Suzie and the twins will win that one paws down.  Mandy I will love you forever and can't wait for your reaction to the package I sent you.

I want to give a special shout out to "the note that was left on my door the other day."  I will forever love you no matter what and I will always be here for you as you have always been there for me.  Our bond is forever endless no matter where out paths take us and I truly meant it when I said, I love you!  I will forever cherish "Moon River" and our friendship.

I am counting down the the days with excitement because this has been one hell of a long rollercoaster ride and soon in a few days it will be over and a new journey into a new life for me.  Tomorrow I will spend all day doing loads of laundry with all the blankets etc that Eddie has gotten magical dog hair on, otherwise I keep my home damn clean all the time.  Grocery shopping on Monday and then a nice chicken dinner and a few bottles of wine with family.  I can't even comprehend everyone I want to thank during my journey as well as all my true friends in my life.  You all know who you are.  MUAH!

I am no longer afraid because I know I am in great hands and great care.  My God is watching over me as SHE always does and for that I am truly blessed!

Hugs and Love to you; my fans, friends and blog followers!  Eddie is sending many wet slobbery kisses to all of you!  wOOf...wOOf...

Yours truly,
Fruity Tootie

HysterSister Party Last Saturday
TShirt I got from peeps
What one can do with extra pads after surgery!
And that is the truth, good veggies for all!
I sure hope so Marie!
Are you kidding Mary, no good times for me!
No shit! 
You got that right Michelle! 
My surgeon is gorgeous, but this takes the cake!
Yep, got this similar arrangement at my Hsyter party!
Everyone keeps telling me this!