April 22, 2016

Let me Humor You Post Op Update ~Photos

So we are on LATVH 6 weeks, 3 days, 6 hours & 33 minutes Post Op.  All was going smooth, started getting back into the skate of things.
Slowly walking more each day, still can't get up to 7 miles a day, but we do what we can.  The sun started to shine more and more each day even though I am still on a lot of restrictions.  My problem is as you who know me, I can't sit still and I do not know what the word, "REST" means.......until the 6 WEEK HELLISH SYMPTOMS appeared that NO ONE ever told me about!

One day I am  walking with great pride and started to smell the roses and then I got hit with a ton of bricks of any and all things regarding fatigue, tired, can't find enough energy to cook, shower...you name it.  My only priority was and is to feed my Fluffy Pup and muster enough breath in each step to take him out for his daily business.  At times it gets so bad I just give up and tell him, "Use the guest bathroom if you have to go!"

I sleep all day and all night for days and then one day I would have so much energy I would find myself almost walking one sixteenth of a mile which is great for me.  Eddie would run and I would be flying!  I thought, "Great lets clean the house, vacuum, play in the garden, do some painting and I feel great.  The next day I would find myself back in bed all day and all night which was the case today.  This is the kind of tired that doesn't let you sit on the couch and watch Downton Abbey, but the kind of tired that makes you get your ass back in bed under the covers and sleep all day and all night never answering the door or the phone.
So this is what the past week has been like and still is like.  If you don't hear from me on Social Media it's because I am literally dead tired and sleeping.  Some days I get so cold with the chills even though it is 90' degrees outside.  My handsome fabulous surgeon say's this is all normal as my body is trying to heal and recover from the trauma it went through in surgery.  Items that were listed as scary disappeared the morning before my surgery so that is a miracle in it's self and a sigh of relief, but then during surgery they found scary items that were never detected on any scan and so they were all removed, another miracle they were found and removed. 

So now my life is on hold until I completely recover and have no limitations.  Driving me nuts and I get very cranky and frustrated, but have no choice.  I would give anything right now to be back in Florida walking barefoot in the sand once again holding hands this time with my new Wizard.

There you have it in a nutshell.  I am in a much better place today with a Peace of mind and so much love in my heart and on with Eddie by my side, we are "Pawz On A New Road" and my life has never been better.  I am so blessed and happy for having the best siblings in the world, dear friends and my new friends I have met through my Fruity Tootie Tumor Journey which is no longer a journey I will ever walk I pray.  One last cartoon that sums it all up.
I love you all!