May 28, 2016

PART TWO UPDATED HD VIDEO Tracking a Wild Coyote Family & Her 6 Pups in Redding, CA

Updated HD video of more coyote Princess Mary videos and her photos over the past year and to finally meet her mate Prince George and her 6 pups.  Princess Mary is a cross of Coyote and dog.  After many hikes, cuts, bruises, sore muscles, falling down a ravine, poison oak one endures while trying to find her, I finally reached my goal and found her (Princess Mary and her mate Prince George) playing with their 6 pups.  Three males and Three females.  My journey with them is over and it is Bittersweet.  Now I move on to track possible Wolves in another state.  Princess Mary went from Mary Lake to an area in dense hills near the Sundial Bridge/Turtle Bay area in Redding, CA. 

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May 25, 2016

Rattlesnake Crawling Into Our Dog House ~Photos

10am this morning I saw what I thought was a Rattlesnake trying to get into my Condo via screen door and I scared it as it went under the door. I took my broom to get it out but that didn't work. It turned out to be an Alligator Lizard, but even so they bite and Eddie was crazy trying to get it. I called the managers here and she sent over the Maintenance God Robert and he came over and caulked the area and I told him the "Sleaze" is still under the door. 

He said he will come out at some point and sure enough between 230pm to 4pm he slithered his way out and Robert was able to get him. Needless to say, I didn't get anything done because I was not going to rest until that thing was caught. 10 am to 4pm sitting outside on my patio, sunburned and now just got back from a 3 mile hike and just made me an "Adult Beverage" which was much needed. Photos are timelines of movement. Now I can sleep. Peace out!

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May 18, 2016

SUPERGIRL Back on the Road With Pawz FINAL POST OP ~Photos

This morning I had my FINAL LATVH Post Op with Dr. Pena and as usual he flustered me with his handsome looks and any or all questions I had for him flew out the window.  He left me breathless and flustered as always!

The great news is I am NO LONGER ON ANY RESTRICTIONS!!!
That means I can start back as I am a  and I can finally rearrange my furniture, redecorate my home.  I can lift, bend, run and enjoy the activities I was doing before my surgery.  The best thing I have been drooling over since my surgery is swimming laps and enjoying my hot tub once again.  I will be back in the water this evening...YES...SO OVERCOME WITH JOY!
By July 1st, 2016 I will be back in my floral bikini looking hot as ever!

 Not that it's a huge factor right now, but I can have an intimate relationship...yeah!  WINK...WINK...
Couldn't resist!

For all my HysterSisters (smiles)

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May 16, 2016

Saying GoodBye ~

Erica White painted this during her 3rd year at Bethel School of Spiritual Healing and gave it to me as a Good-Bye gift.
Erica, Megan, Lily and Brittney were always bringing me Fresh Flower Bouquets
Hiking with Britt and Erica a lot over the past 9 months.  FUN FUN FUN
Coffe and Tea with the gals in the mornings. 
Heather Rydell's great attempt at Bethel Arts watercolor which she gave me for Thanksgiving "You are so Loved" 2015
Erica White's handmade Fire Escape Rope or "If you get locked out on your balcony"
Erica White 3rd Year Graduate of BSSM 2016 getting her diploma from Chris V. Top Left
Josh Brand 3rd Year Graduate of BSSM 2016 getting his diploma from Chris V. Top Left
Daniel Larsson & Megan Rotella (Green Skirt) 3rd Year Graduates of BSSM 2016 getting their diploma from Chris V. 
Justine Lin 3rd Year Graduate of BSSM 2016 getting her diploma (Pink Dress)
Another View from our Dog House

Our Dog House view of the Sundial Bridge
Victoria from Germany 1st Year Graduate from BSSM visited often and Eddie & I will miss her so much!
Narie, Gail, Mary and Heather my adopted Bethel sisters (Lots of dinners together)
Another gorgeous Fresh Flower Bouquet from my Bethel Pals

May 05, 2016


Greetings everyone,

Due to my enormous collection of my original oil paintings and 19th Century Framed Prints, I need to sell them.  I do not have enough room as I have more recent ones that I have done and want to get rid of my old inventory so I can hang my newest art.  There are too many to add here so I am adding link to one of my pages where you can buy my art.  Make me an offer as they no longer have sentimental value.

Hugs and Love,
Traci and the Fluffy Puppies

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