May 25, 2016

Rattlesnake Crawling Into Our Dog House ~Photos

10am this morning I saw what I thought was a Rattlesnake trying to get into my Condo via screen door and I scared it as it went under the door. I took my broom to get it out but that didn't work. It turned out to be an Alligator Lizard, but even so they bite and Eddie was crazy trying to get it. I called the managers here and she sent over the Maintenance God Robert and he came over and caulked the area and I told him the "Sleaze" is still under the door. 

He said he will come out at some point and sure enough between 230pm to 4pm he slithered his way out and Robert was able to get him. Needless to say, I didn't get anything done because I was not going to rest until that thing was caught. 10 am to 4pm sitting outside on my patio, sunburned and now just got back from a 3 mile hike and just made me an "Adult Beverage" which was much needed. Photos are timelines of movement. Now I can sleep. Peace out!

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