May 18, 2016

SUPERGIRL Back on the Road With Pawz FINAL POST OP ~Photos

This morning I had my FINAL LATVH Post Op with Dr. Pena and as usual he flustered me with his handsome looks and any or all questions I had for him flew out the window.  He left me breathless and flustered as always!

The great news is I am NO LONGER ON ANY RESTRICTIONS!!!
That means I can start back as I am a  and I can finally rearrange my furniture, redecorate my home.  I can lift, bend, run and enjoy the activities I was doing before my surgery.  The best thing I have been drooling over since my surgery is swimming laps and enjoying my hot tub once again.  I will be back in the water this evening...YES...SO OVERCOME WITH JOY!
By July 1st, 2016 I will be back in my floral bikini looking hot as ever!

 Not that it's a huge factor right now, but I can have an intimate relationship...yeah!  WINK...WINK...
Couldn't resist!

For all my HysterSisters (smiles)

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