May 28, 2016

PART TWO UPDATED HD VIDEO Tracking a Wild Coyote Family & Her 6 Pups in Redding, CA

Updated HD video of more coyote Princess Mary videos and her photos over the past year and to finally meet her mate Prince George and her 6 pups.  Princess Mary is a cross of Coyote and dog.  After many hikes, cuts, bruises, sore muscles, falling down a ravine, poison oak one endures while trying to find her, I finally reached my goal and found her (Princess Mary and her mate Prince George) playing with their 6 pups.  Three males and Three females.  My journey with them is over and it is Bittersweet.  Now I move on to track possible Wolves in another state.  Princess Mary went from Mary Lake to an area in dense hills near the Sundial Bridge/Turtle Bay area in Redding, CA. 

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