June 18, 2016

Happy Father's Day to our Dad "Hal" who was loved my many 1919-2013 ~Photos

Sister Kym, Dad and Sister Jan
Two days ago my Daddy would have been 97 years young. Tomorrow is Father's Day and if he were still alive today I would celebrate his Birthday and Father's together and it would be like this: Tee time in the morning at River View Country Club. Our clubs would be in the back, I would drive him all over the course in his Golf Cart as he was a man with a comedian attitude. I would be driving and he would be yelling, "FOUR" at every Golfer he saw. We would then end up at the Bar where he would enjoy his "High Ball" and I with a Shirley Temple with extra cherries. For dinner I would make him his special Meatloaf, Mash Potatoes, Gravy and corn. He would tell me how proud he was of me for getting rid of the old boyfriend and moving on to the happiest place that I have ever been in my life today. It would be Sunday evening and we would watch the "Lawerence Welk" show and finish the evening off with "60 Minutes." I would then help him into bed and give him a kiss and tell him "I love you daddy" as I have always done for all the years I had the privilege of taking care of him until he took his last breath. I miss you soo much daddy and there isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of you. I still ask myself, "What would my dad do?" when it comes to fixing things. Tears flow, but tears of joy of the memories of the life I had with my daddy. Happy Father's Day Dad! Love, Louigee (his nickname for me). Eddie and I visit you and mom a lot.

Our dad was loved by hundreds of people, he affected the lives of so many.  He was dad to so many people.  He would do anything for you as long as it didn't interfere with his golfing time.  He was a hardworking humble man with stories to tell and jokes to be heard.  He was great at that.  He was my best friend and though he and mom had my twin sister later in their lives (40's) everyone always thought he was my grandfather.  I always took offense to that and made it clear, "He is my dad."  He was great at giving advice and he if didn't like any men I was dating he would tell me and I would take his advice.  I think we have and I mean everyone who was privileged enough to have dad in their lives would know that  he was the best man and father we could all have.  My dad and I had a bond much stronger than my mom and I loved her dearly, but my dad was my best friend.  I always told him I wanted him to live forever and how could I go on living without him.  I am still here today, everyday thinking about the memories that I had with him my entire life until he went to Heaven.   There are so many times I wish he were alive today.  "Dad can you help me hang my paintings"  etc.
Many of you have lost your fathers and many of you might still have your dad around, cherish the moments, make peace.  We are so blessed to have had "our dad" as he had many adopted children so to speak.  Forever in my heart!  I love you dad!

Eddie and I visiting Mom, Dad and my two baby girls, their granddaughters of fur at the Veterans Cemetery
Me, Dad and Twin Sister Stace Christmas
Dad, Mom, Laskie and Sweetie the Rabbit at Christmas
Mom and Dad when they first got married...handsome couple!
Engagement Photo...so in love!
Sister Jan and dad
Dad always smiled and full of jokes.  He was such a great story teller and comedian!
Dad with Granddaughter Heather and Ethan Einar Jr.
Dad with Grandson Jered and his wife Kari on their Wedding day
Dad with his salesmen at McKesson Wine & Spirits back in the day when McKesson & Robbins had the liquor division later bought by Southern Spirits.
Mom and dad's handmade Urns...very fitting for the both of them.
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